Hello, friends!

I have an amazing announcement that I would like to share with all of you! I’ve been selected as a finalist in Atlantic Impact’s 2014 Blogger Challenge! For those of you who have been around me for longer than three minutes, know that I’ve been obsessed with both domestic and international travel. However, my bank account has always had other plans. As in, a Redbox movie and small cup of popcorn counts as a splurge.

Nonetheless, my lack of monetary wealth and desire to travel is nothing new. In the past, Atlantic Impact has selected veteran travelers. I on the other hand, don’t have a passport, have never been to New York City and have only flown on a plane twice in my 25 years of life. I’ve always wanted to travel because I believe that traveling the world is a way to collapse both the physical and mental barriers we place on ourselves. Traveling makes you realize that no person, country or culture is the same. That we are all made better people by exploring the things that we have in common than recognizing the trivial things that set us apart.

In order to stop myself from writing a “Dear Diary” entry for you, a brief (yet detail filled) overview of the challenge and what I need from all of you.



Atlantic Impact will send two bloggers to Barbados (all expenses paid) to accompany a group of at-risk youth who strive to better understand the state of their communities, which includes community exploration and international travel. The youth in Atlantic Impact never believed they would have the chance to travel abroad. The organization provides them with the avenue to think bigger, think better, and explore the world around them.

I have until June 9th to raise as much money as I possibly can on behalf of Atlantic Impact to get me and my bags to Barbados!!!  As a friend, I politely ask all of you to share my story and of course donate $15 to my fundraiser and Atlantic Impact. I know the struggle is real and would graciously accept any dollar amount that you can spare. My fundraiser account can be on Crowdrise. Here is the link: https://www.crowdrise.com/BarbadosBound2014/fundraiser/jnchang

Thank you, friends for reading my spiel and understanding my interest in participating in this blogger challenge. Cheers! *clinks glasses* Here’s to making me #BarbadosBound this August!