A few days ago, a facebook “friend” asked me if I had “given up on the whole sports thing”?

You see how close this “friend” and I are, right?

Despite the horrible delivery, the question was valid. It’s true. I’ve decided to take a small break from the wide world of sports. After backtracking and trying to apologize for the horrible delivery, my “friend” asked why the sudden change of heart?

To be honest, I haven’t had a complete change of heart. I’ve only decided to explore other avenues. I still wish to work in entertainment, only this time I’m not narrowing my focus to just sports. I’ve recently taken a part-time job in radio, explored a career in television and even considered writing a book.

The major reason behind my move away from sports is simply because being the lowest person on the totem pole gets to be quite tiresome. As I work towards my degree, I realized that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for aspiring sports business professionals outside of unpaid internships. I’m still very much “college student broke” and can’t afford to take time away from jobs that are willing to pay me for my services.

Over the years, I’ve met many aspiring sports business professionals. One gentleman is pursuing his Master’s degree and recently attended the Manhattan Sports Business Academy. MSBA is a great summer program for aspiring sports business professionals. I even applied last year and got two interviews. One major problem; the program cost $10,000 for the summer.

One very smart young lady is up until 3am most nights, writing pro-bono articles for various sports sites, interning (for free), plus working, all while getting her Bachelors.

Both of these individuals have had to sacrifice quite a few things to get the experience that they need to succeed in the world of sports. I get it; I was them a month ago. My resume looks very nice if I may toot my own horn. Despite the padded resume, I’ve decided to explore careers that will allow me to live life on my own terms. Jobs that allow flexibility.

To reiterate:  I have not had a change of heart. I’m simply exploring my options.