Like every other person on planet earth, I made a generic New Year’s resolution to start new. Try things that I’ve never done before. In the middle of my 5th time watching Man of Steel, it occurred to me that I’ve never written one piece of fanmail (no idea why that is something that popped into my head). Which is strange, being a kid of the 90’s, you would assume that I’ve written every member of N’sync and Britany Spears (good Britney, not bad Britney) at least 6 or 7 times by now. Nonetheless, I was a fanmail virgin. So as I was waiting for class to start the next day, I poured my heart out to Superman. He may never reply to my letter, but at least I have the pleasure of knowing I shared this special moment with other Henry Cavill fans.


Dear Henry,

I hope we can be on a first name basis. I’d like to think that if we actually ever met in real life that we’d be friends. But I’m sure you get that a lot, right? Congratulations on landing the Superman gig! Being Superman is no easy job, but you definitely made it look easy. I can see that the Gym Jones training really helped. It must be cool to wake up every morning and realize that you are Superman. I can’t imagine growing up as a kid, idolizing someone and then one day, you’re it. You are THAT person. You have essentially become your own hero! I wonder sometimes if you can ever go back to NOT being Superman. I’ve heard that when an actor plays a role for so long, it gets hard to put that character to bed. Some characters stay with you for a while. I assume that Superman is one of those characters. Do you walk around on a normal Tuesday feeling like Kal-el or are you just Henry. Or do you not even think about Superman until you have to put on the suit? And if you didn’t think about all of these questions before, I’m sorry for bringing it up and make you over analyze things. Nonetheless, cheers to you and Superman, may the two of you live a wonderful life, together.

Rookie specialist,

Jennifer Chang