photo (3) is a blog for the inner-rookie in all of us. Here you’ll find a new perspective on everyday life, through a rookie’s point-of-view. We’ll discuss everything from sports, travel and work to cheesy sitcoms and nerdy movies.

I don’t aim to prove that I’m right, I merely wish to start a discussion. Feel free to like, comment and share till your hearts are content.

So take a seat, grab some coffee and enjoy this ride with me. I promise to avoid potholes and ditches along the way.

-Rookie Specialist


About The Rookie

My name is Jennifer Chang, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After a brief four years at The University of Texas at Austin, I managed to maneuver my way into a variety of sports marketing jobs and internships (mostly internships, hints the rookie feeling). After a quarter century of life, I’ve decided to look at life from a different point-of-view. Instead of living to work, I’ve decided to work in order to live.

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Fun Facts:

  • I’am NOT a Dallas Cowboys fan
  • I’ve eaten lunch with Frank Deford
  • I hope to start my own business some day
  • I’ve held an actual conversation with Craig Biggio and Chandler Parsons
  • I lived on an island once (Hilton Head Island, South Carolina)
  • I’ve had the opportunity to play baseball at Minute Maid Park & play basketball at Toyota Center
  • I’ve never traveled outside of the United States
  • I once worked as a Production Assistant for CBS Sports during National Signing Day